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Adriana and Jeroen – Indoor Wedding Photography

I am so proud to talk about this project. Adriana and Jeroen are a wonderful couple that got married some years but unfortunately, they did not have a photo shooting in memory of their union. This story really soften our hearts and we were very happy to bring some memories back and create a portfolio to celebrate their love.

Our first idea was to make the photo shooting session outdoor. There are many beautiful spots around here including castles, parks, lakes and a big forest but the weather was not on our side at the day of the shooting. Since short term rescheduling was not possible, we took the challenge to make the pictures at their place. Space was limited, lighting somewhat challenging but we were all up for it. The make-up and hairstyle of the bride started around 9:30 AM and around 11:30 the bride was all shiny and ready. The groom came in to see her beautiful wife! There when our journey started. It was a very enjoyable session. We had some laughs a nice lunch break and most of all we ended up with lots of great shoots.

Often we believe that to make great pictures you are bound to a top location, with top gear and top models. In reality all you need is creativity and simply make the best out of the situation. Thanks to Adriana and Jeroen for this wonderful session. Now you finally have some pictures of your wedding to be proud of.

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